Updated: Nov 21 2019

No Hard Feelings. High performance softboards that are environmentally friendly.

Softboards are seeing a bit of a resurgence nowadays for people who are just seeking out fun times. Soft tops are a good choice for learners as they make any contact less painful and they can be ridden around people. They are also great for families as parents can relive past glories after a session of pushing kids onto waves. We were stoked to find Sydney brand Spooked Kooks softboard range which are designed to offer more performance than average softies. Made stiffer with double wood stringers and sharper rails, you can lay into turns as your would on your normal board. Spooked Kooks is also on a mission to reduce the environmental impact of surfing. Parts of each board including the underside, leash plug, fin boxes, fins and fin key are made from recycled plastic waste and they will even recycle your board if you ever decide to part ways with it.

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No Hard Feelings. High performance softboards that are environmentally friendly.