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The Western Coastline of Australia

Perth on the Western coast of Australia is one of the most isolated cities in the World, with the Great Aussie Outback on one side and the Indian Ocean on the other. The surf breaks here usually fire up in Winter when the South West swells from the Roaring 40s roll in and are characteristically flat during Summer. The city surf spots see much less of it due to an outer sea shelf from Mandurah to Rottnest known as the 5 Fathom Bank which blocks most of the swell. However, a short road trip will reward you with epic surf. Down South is the wave rich region of Margaret River home to world class surf breaks such as The Box, Surfer’s Point and Yallingup. Heading North along the Coral Coast rewards experienced explorers with epic surf sessions with hardly anyone around. If that's not enough, “Indo” is just a short plane ride away.

Where to Surf in Perth

The breaks near the city while not receiving a great amount of swell have their die hard group of surfers. Winter is the best time to score around here. Stand out spots include The Cove & Isolators in Cottesloe, Trigg in Scarborough and Leighton in Fremantle. In contrast, the Margaret River and Northern coral coast breaks receive consistent swell year round with truly big waves arriving at the start of autumn-winter period.

Leighton Beach
Cottesloe Beach
The Groyne
The Box
Main Break
Margaret River Mouth
Mettams Pool
Trigg Point
Scarborough Beach
Brighton Beach
Trigg Beach

When to Surf Perth

The Southern hemisphere Winter from May to July is the best time of the year for surfing Perth, when the Roaring 40s whips up swell sending them to the WA coast. In Summer, the waves are much smaller and better for beginners. In warmer months, Perth suffers from the so called 'Fremantle Doctor' seabreeze which picks up from the afternoon, so its best to get your surfing done early.

Surf Trips


Perth city and the Margaret River areas have lots of accomodation with both hotels, lodges and airBnB. 

Road Trip

A road trip is a good way to check out the many surf regions in Perth. The roads along the coast are well developed and suitable for normal cars. There are also off road beaches and surf spots which you can access only with a sturdy 4WD.


There are lots of camping grounds along the coast which are right next to the beach. Some require a 4WD to access.

The Good

The Beaches - Perth has some of the most beautiful turquoise water beaches along its coastline.

Isolated Spots - Due to the isolated nature of the WA coastline further out from the city, there are semi secret breaks waiting for surfers with a 4WD to discover.

Margaret River Surf Comp - Every year the World Surf Leagues takes place at Surfer’s Point at Margaret River.

Watch Out For

Sharks - There have been multiple encounters and fatalities along the WA coast due to large sharks in the recent years.

Fremantle Doctor - The notoriously reliable surf wrecking afternoon seabreeze in Summer months.

Kangaroos - They can cause accidents on remote highways and usually come out in packs at night. 

Where to Surf in Perth

Fremantle is a port city in Perth which has surfable white sand beaches protected from big swells by outer reefs.
Cottesloe is one of Perth's most popular beaches with waves breaking off the iconic groyne and a set of reef breaks in the area.
Pristine natural environment and world class surf breaks on the South coast of Western Australia.
Scarborough is a white sand, turquoise water beach popular with locals and tourist for its happening beachside scene.

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