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One of the most iconic surf destinations in the world with a 2000 km coastline stretching from the South Coast to Byron in the North.

Sydney is one of the most iconic surf destinations in the world. The 2000 km NSW coastline stretches from the South Coast to Byron in the North with various beaches, inlets and headlands along the way. This is where you will find the famous Bondi beach and world class surf spots like Wrecks Bay, Lennox Head and The Pass. Its a wave rich region with the East coast getting both powerful South Easterly groundswells originating from storms in the Tasman Sea and North Easterly wind swells caused by cyclone activity in the Coral sea. Sydney is also known for it’s enviable coastal lifestyle. Beaches are a hub of activity as Sydneysiders come for surfing, fitness and good times at one of the many beach side cafes and restaurants. You can spend your whole day at the beach, and a lot of people do.

Where to Surf in Sydney

Sydney has a massive coastline, from the Shoalhaven region in the South, the Shire, the Northern Beaches, Central Coast up to Byron Bay, there are plenty of spots to choose from. Famous beaches like Bondi and Manly, world class breaks like the Aussie Pipe, Crescent Head, the Pass and big wave spots like Deadmans and Cape Solander.

Umina Beach
Umina Point
Box Head
Aussie Pipe
Cave Beach
Currarong Beach
Bherwerre Beach
Steamers Beach
Golf Course Reef
Southern Reef
Mollymook Beach
Narrawallee Beach
Freshwater Beach
Dee Why Point
Dee Why Beach
Dee Why Kiddies Corner
North Steyne
South Steyne
Bondi Beach
Bronte Beach
Tamarama Beach

When To Surf in Sydney

Postcard perfect sunny days, golden sand beaches and warm water. Sydney has it in abundance during the Summer months, but Sydney surfers know that the colder months are the best for surfing. 

The most consistent swells occur during the Southern Hemisphere Winter between May and September. Low pressure systems in the Tasman sea cause more powerful ground swells during this time. During this time, the South East wind is offshore creating nice shaped waves and less crowds. The misogi like ritual of duck diving into a cold ocean has a way of discouraging less committed surfers.

Around Dec to Mar is Cyclone season in the Coral Sea off Queensland, which sends smaller NE wind swells towards NSW.  You will also have to wake up early to get a decent surf in before the imminent arrival of the afternoon seabreeze.

The choice is yours. If you are a beginner and want to see Sydney’s beaches at it’s finest, then late Spring, Summer and Autumn are ideal. But if you are uncompromising in your search for great waves, then make sure you to pack your wetsuit.

Sydney Surf Trips

You can base yourself in the city and surf at one of Sydney's famous beaches, or you can do a road / camping trip, staying and surfing at any one of the great locations along the coast.. 


Organize your own accommodation and transport. Sydney has lots of accommodation and AirBnB options near surf breaks. Most destinations in Sydney have local surf shops, surf hire and reputable surf schools.

Road Trip

A road trip is the perfect way to explore all the surf spots Sydney has to offer. People have been heading up the coast to Byron ever since the first surf pioneers. The trip takes you past takes you past the breaks of Lennox Head, Crescent Head and onto the famous points of Byron Bay. A couple of companies in Sydney hire out surf mobiles especially fitted for surfing road trips.

Camping Trip

Camp and surf all in the same trip! There are plenty of camping spots located close to great surf spots. You can wake up to the sound of the waves and spend your days surfing and exploring.

The Good

Safety - Surf life savers are responsible for setting up flagged swimming areas, closing the beach in case of hazards and performing rescues when necessary. Popular beaches in Sydney are patrolled by lifeguards throughout the year, while others are patrolled only during Summer months. Check beachsafe.org.au for more info.

Surf Schools - Surf schools in Sydney are reputable and offer great instruction. Instructors have to be certified for water safety and surf instruction.

Public Transport - Sydney has a good public transport system and its easy to get to the city beaches.

Developed - Australia is a developed country with good infrastructure and all creature comforts readily available. 

Watch Out For

Rips & Currents - Every year unsuspecting swimmers are swept out by rips and undercurrents. Some are not lucky enough to make it back. Educate yourself before heading into the ocean.

Australian Wildlife - Australia has a reputation for having a disproportionate amount of dangerous wildlife. There are sharks, blue ringed octopus, stone fish, blue bottles and sea snakes and those are just the ones in the water.

Sharks - Australia is second behind the USA for having the sharkiest waters, with New South Wales ranking as severe for shark encounters. There have been a few fatalities in recent years. Areas such as Byron, Forster see a much higher chance of encounters. Try to avoid surfing near schools of bait fish and when there has been significant run off due to rain fall.

The Sun- The bronzed Aussie may be a cultural stereotype, but you may find that the Aussie sun is better at burning than tanning. Especially true for travelers from colder climates.

Crowds - Being a coastal city, the beach forms a massive part Sydney's culture and you can expect the surf to be packed on weekends and holidays especially in Summer. The crowd thins out when you venture out of the city but can still be busy at good surf breaks.

Where to Surf in Sydney

A long beach on the NSW Central Coast suitable for beginner and younger surfers.
The coastal town of Jervis Bay on the NSW Southern Coast is one of the most unique surf destinations and home to the "Aussie Pipe".
A 3 hour drive South of Sydney, Mollymook is a quiet surf town in the Shoalhaven region of the Southern NSW coast.
A small protected beach where Australians were first introduced to surfing by Duke Kahanamoku in the year 1914.
Dee Why is well known for its famous point break, uncrowded beachies and The Strand.
Manly is one of Sydney's best destinations for surfers of all levels with a variety of breaks along the 3km beach from Shelly Beach and South Steyne at the Southern end through to Queenscliff at the North end.
Surfing Bondi - Sydney's most iconic beach is a must do on a surf trip to Australia.

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