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Lombok, the Western-most island of Nusa Tenggara is home to one of the world’s best waves and known for spectacular wild landscapes.

Lombok, on the Eastern side of the Lombok strait is subject to the same swell action Bali receives. Not exactly off the beaten track, but the place is yet to see the manic development that has taken over parts of Bali. There are still opportunities to experience uncrowded surfs by yourself if lucky or wily. Surfing in Lombok is a memorable experience with it’s offshore island, crescent bays flanked by rolling hills and rocky outcrops. 

Desert Point or Bangko Bangko at the Western-most point is Lombok’s most famous wave. When the conditions line up, swell chasers from across the region will make the pilgrimage to Lombok for a hope of scoring the ride of a lifetime. The South coast is rich with geographical features - protected bays and inlets which warp the swell into long peeling waves. 

Due to the popularity of the diving and snorkeling in the Gili Islands, Sengigi is where you can find most of the island’s hotels and resorts. Surfers prefer to stay around the South with the surf town Kuta being a good place to base yourself. There are surf shops, surf schools, restaurants, bars, other needed facilities and it’s within a short distance to many of the surf spots. It’s also the only place in South Lombok for some night life.

Why Surf in Lombok

For dedicated swell chasers there is only one reason to head to Lombok. Desert Point. Bangko Bangko. Scoring this wave is worth enduring the 6 hour ferry crossing from Bali. For the rest of us, Lombok has some of the most pristine, exotic surf breaks in the world. Amazing turquoise water bays surrounded by tall cliffs, hills and golden sand beaches lets you detach yourself from the beat of the commercial world and give in to the ocean’s rhythm.

When to go to Lombok

Lombok is affected by the trade winds which blow during the dry season from May - Sep. The persistent West blowing wind creates perfect conditions for Desert Point and the island’s West facing breaks.

The Monsoon season October - April sees heavy rainfall but much less crowds with flooding quite probable. During this time some of the waves on South coast can be offshore depending on their direction.

Pantai Kura-kura
Outside Ekas
Inside Ekas
Pantai Rungkang
Are Goling
Tanjung A'an
Seger Reef
Don Don
Outside Right Gerupuk
Outside Left Gerupuk
Kiddies Point
Inside Right Gerupuk

The Waves

Due to the nature of the island most of the waves in Lombok are reef breaks suited for surfers with some experience. The western spots like Desert Point and Mawi are definitely for experienced surfers breaking fast ansd steep. Along the South coast and there are bays and inlets with breaks suitable for intermediates. If you are not quite ready for hollow waves, you can work with the tide depending on whether you want a slower, rolling wave or a faster hollow ride. To get to the breaks you will need transport - either hire scooters or a driver. And to access some breaks you will have to hop on a boat. 

Selong Belonak

The best places on island for beginners is Selong Belonak, a white sand beach where the beach break waves are always small. Surf hire, instructors and warungs line this pretty beach.

Gerupuk Bay

The most popular location and where most surf camps turn up. Gerupuk has 4 main waves inside the bay which work on varying tides and swells. Inside and Outside right are the most consistent, with Don Don requiring a big swell to even start breaking. You can hire a boat out to the waves or to neighboring Ekas bay from here.

Ekas Bay

Ekas is where you will the pair of waves known as inside and outsides breaking on the far side of the bay. The outside is a deepwater open face wave which can hold serious size while the inside is the more manageable wave - an a-frame that goes long.

What is there to do in Lombok?

Gili Islands

The Gili islands in Lombok are famous for its diving and snorkeling. The diversity of the marine life at the Gili islands makes exploring it’s waters a worthy side mission.


Lombok is known for its hiking and the multi day trek to Mt Rinjani is popular with visitors. Not many places will let you camp next to a live volcano. Be warned. Not an easy trek.

Kite Surfing

The bay at Ekas is a well known kiting spot when the winds get up.

Experience the Culture

The Sasak people of Lombok have a culture unique to the island.

Watch out for

Earthquakes - in 2018, Lombok was affected by 2 earthquakes during which hundreds of people died. Earthquakes are a credible risk.

Surf Etiquette - It can seem like a free for all with the fastest to their feet and most stubborn making the wave. It’s not uncommon to see altercations between locals. The local groms seem to like to share waves. Just grin and bear it.

Reef Cuts - Many of the waves in Lombok break over a coral reef and making contact at lower tides is common. 

Arak - You may be invited to have some home brew by the locals. Just know that there have been serious cases of alcohol poisoning from Arak in the past.

Drugs - All drugs are illegal. Indonesia has some of the harshest laws in the world.

Psychedelics - See above. You may be tempted to try some. Be super aware of the effects. No one wants to be that tourist who goes missing after going for a surf in the moonlight.

The water - Drinking the tap water will probably lead to the squits.

Where to Surf in Lombok

Ekas Bay is a semi remote surf spot with 2 great waves, the Outside and Inside.
Kuta Lombok is a convenient hub for surfers wanting to ride the island's Southern surf spots.
Inside Gerupuk Bay there are a number of breaks which work on varying tides and swell directions suitable for surfers of all levels.

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