Surfing Bondi

Surfing Bondi

Surfing Bondi - Sydney's most iconic beach is a must do on a surf trip to Australia.
Updated: Oct 10 2022

Bondi - Australia's most famous beach is also its most crowded. Bondi sees mad crowds whenever there is a nice Summer day. Waves are often shared with swimmers, bodyboarders and learners and it's why there is a rule banning hard surfboards from the North side of the beach. Soft boards are allowed everywhere except in the flagged areas. Bondi surfers don't seem to mind and have adapted their surfing to suit their next gen foamies, expertly weaving through crowded lineups.

Bondi Surf Spots

Bondi gets some protection from NE winds by the Ben Buckler headland. The Northern end is also the best place for beginners to surf as the beach isn't too steep and it gets less swell. The Southern end near the Icebergs club has bigger waves and stronger rips and is where the better surfers go whenever there is a decent swell. Beginners should be aware of the 'Backpacker's Express' - a notorious rip known where unknowing tourists usually get caught in. Further South, Tamarama is a narrow beach nestled between 2 headlands with powerful reef breaks. Due to the strong rips and the ever present danger of being washed onto the rocks, this area is only suitable for experienced surfers. Boardriders are not allowed at Tamarama during life saving patrol hours. Bronte, the next beach over has a right hand reef break in the South and left hand beach breaks in the Northern end.

beach break
beach break
beach break

Sand Surf Swell Bondi


Surf lesson in Bondi Beach

Donatas MeŇ°kauskas

Bronte Surfing Australia

Yunoji Surf Bunny

Bondi - Non-stop action

Justin Spencer

Bondi - Backpackers Rip

Justin Spencer

Tamarama - Finally some waves

Justin Spencer

Bondi Surf Lessons / Schools

For beginners, Bondi is pretty much learners paradise. Lots of tourists have have learnt how to do their first pop-ups here.

Lets Go Surfing
surf school

Bondi Surf Shops

There are quite a few surf shops within walking distance to the beach, from generic surf shops to local surf brands.

Rip Curl Bondi
surf shop
The Critical Slide Society
surf shop
Surf Culture
surf shop
Saturdays NYC Bondi
surf shop,cafe
Sunburnt Mess
surf shop
Bondi Surf Co
surf shop,surf hire

Bondi Surf Hire / Rental

There are 2 on-beach locations hiring out softboards, bodyboards and wetsuits by the hour.

Bondi Beach Hire
surf hire

Things to do in Bondi

Bondi is a hive of activity especially in the warmer months. For the young ones, there is a pool made just for little kids pool at the Northern end. While bigger kids can session the Bondi skatepark - one of the biggest and best maintained concrete playgrounds located just behind the beach. The outdoor gym is a very popular spot to show off them gains.

There is a great selection of cafes, restaurants and bars worth making the trek to Bondi for, located along Campbell parade and nearby streets. Influencers will want to check out the famous Icebergs club in the South end and it's insta-famous rock pool.


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Milky Lane Bondi
Bonditony's Burger Joint
North Bondi Fish
Bondi Icebergs POOL
sea pool
The Traditional Chip Shop
North Bondi Children's Pool
sea pool
Bondi's Best Seafood
North Bondi Outdoor Gym
Bondi Pavilion
Little L Bondi Beach

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