Surfing Freshwater

Surfing Freshwater

A small protected beach where Australians were first introduced to surfing by Duke Kahanamoku in the year 1914.
Updated: Sep 9 2022

Freshwater Surf Spots

Freshwater affectionately known as Freshie is a narrow beach flanked by the impressive Queenscliff & Harbord headlands which give it a little protection from winds and mellower waves. Longboarders prefer the middle section while shortboarders like the Southern corner where the waves are punchier and hollower. On bigger days, waves close out more often than not at this small beach. When there is a lot of moving water watch out for the rip along the rock pool. Freshie has a very long sand bar and the broken white water on the inside is good for beginners practising their pop-ups. Mid tide and smaller swell on the Northern end can produce a little peelers which are ideal for pushing groms onto their first waves.

surf spot,beach
Freshwater NSW 2096, Australia

Winter Surfing @ Freshwater

Jesse Lee

Freshwater Beach Surfing 15/04/2022 Good Friday

Josef Bures

Summer Surfing @ Freshwater Beach Sydney

Sydney Drone Visuals

Freshwater Surf Lessons / Rentals

Surf instructors can arrange to meet you at Freshwater for lessons.

Chix Surf School
surf school
3a/1 Rowe St, Freshwater NSW 2096, Australia

Freshwater Surf Shops

Keel surf shop on the main street specialises in alternative surfcrafts and surf lifestyle products. Neighbouring Brookvale is home to a few more surf shops.

Sideways Sydney
surf shop
575 Pittwater Rd, Brookvale NSW 2100, Australia
Surf SUP Warehouse Australia
surf shop
Warehouse, 7B Green St, Brookvale NSW 2100, Australia
The Surfboard Warehouse
surf shop
535 Pittwater Rd, Brookvale NSW 2100
Keel Surf & Supply
surf shop
7c Lawrence St, Freshwater NSW 2096
MG Surfboards
surf shop,shaper
across from the Brookvale Oval, 4/527 Pittwater Rd, Brookvale NSW 2100, Australia

Freshwater Surf Hire / Rental

There aren't any rental options available at the beach with the closest available in Manly.

Things to do in Freshwater

Grab a quick coffee and bites from The Pocket at the Freshwater surf club. Pilu Baretto & Shaka at the top carpark have sweeping views of the ocean and great for a meal or downing a few drinks. Behind the beach, there is a nice picnic area with a BBQ station and kids playground. Freshie's main town centre is a short walk from the beach and has nice cafes and more food options. There is always a line out at the Freshie Chicken shop.

Situated on the Northern headland, Harbord Diggers RSL is a multi venue establishment with restaurants, bars, kid's area and an outdoor ocean terrace which plays host to live music events and DJs.

Three Seagulls
87 Harbord Rd, Freshwater NSW 2096, Australia
Pilu at Freshwater
Moore Rd, Freshwater NSW 2096, Australia
Harbord Diggers
88 Evans St, Freshwater NSW 2096, Australia
Freshie Chickens
3/1 Moore Ln, Freshwater NSW 2096, Australia
Keel Surf & Supply
surf shop
7c Lawrence St, Freshwater NSW 2096
The Pocket
Freshwater, Surf Life Saving Club, Kooloora Ave, Sydney NSW 2096, Australia
Shaka @ Freshwater
37 Moore Rd, Freshwater NSW 2096, Australia

Freshwater Access

Freshwater is a short walk over the Queenscliff headland from Manly.


Paid parking lots at the beach and free parking in the surrounding streets.


There is a bus service from Manly to Freshwater town centre.

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