Surfing Ekas Bay

Ekas Bay is a semi remote surf spot with 2 great waves, the Outside and Inside.

Updated: Oct 10 2022

Ekas Bay lies on the Southern side of Lombok and is home to one of the best waves in Lombok - Ekas Outside, the big open faced wave that shows its true nature in big swells. The main breaks lie on the Eastern side of the bay, South of Ekas beach. Its a long trip around the bay to get there by road from Kuta. Alternatively you can head to Awang village where there are boats to take you to these breaks. The Ekas side is quite secluded and is great for travelers looking to escape from people.  Most surfers opt to do Ekas as a day trip from Kuta.

Ekas Breaks

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Lombok Surf at Ekas Breaks

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Ekas Surf Spots

Ekas Inside

Inside Ekas is located off shore from Ekas Village on the far side of Awang. Its an A-frame breaking over a sand covered reef. The right is steep and goes for over 100m ending with a barrel section. Best surfed on low-mid tide. The left is a mellower ride, but gives you an even longer ride into the channel. The left is best on mid-high tide. Due to its position deep inside the bay it needs a medium sized swell from a primarily Southern direction. There is a chance that the spot may not be breaking when you arrive. You can paddle out or take a boat from Rungkang beach, or take a boat across the bay from Awang.

Ekas Outside. 

Outside Ekas located at the entrance to the bay and offshore from Pantai Surga or Paradise Beach picks up a lot more swell than the inside break. A South East swell is the best direction although anything from the South will be fine. This is a deep water wave with big open faces suited for experienced surfers. A steep take off straight into a fast walling ride with a chance to get barrelled. On bigger days when there is lots of moving water, you may find yourself out of position as a the whole ocean seems to rise and fall around you. Access is by boat from Awang or Ekas. If you manage to find the dirt road to Pantai Surga, you can also paddle out from there.

Pantai Rungkang

Rungkang is a stretch of beach protected from big swells near Ekas village. The waves are always small here and it is suitable for learners. There is a right hander which can peel for a long distance. 

Pantai Kura Kura

Outside the bay, on the Southern coastline is Pantai Kura Kura so named for the rocky outcrop resembling a turtle. You can take a look at the various breaks here if not much is happening in Ekas. 


There are some breaks south of Awang village that you can check out.

reef break
reef break
reef break
reef break

Ekas Surf Lessons

Ekas Beach Resort and Heaven on the Planet offers surf lessons for beginners at Rungkang beach. You can arrange for lessons or a guide form Kuta to take you here for a surf trip.

Ekas Surf Resort
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Heaven on The Planet Ekas Bay
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Ekas Surf Hire

You can arrange to hire surfboards from the 2 resorts on the Ekas side - Ekas Beach Resort and Heaven on the Planet.

Ekas Surf Shops

There are no surf shops around here. Make sure to get whatever you need in Kuta.

Things to do in Ekas

Ekas is still a relatively remote spot for travelers with most surfers preferring to check it out on a day trip. You will probably see more tourists in the water than in the Ekas village. 

There isn’t much in the way of cafes or restaurants with Salma’s warung near Ekas beach and Warung Rizki near Rungkang beach being the best options. There is also the Panorama Restaurant which is part of the Grand hotel Panorama.

Not much to do around here at night. Best to get an early night and be ready for the surf in the morning.

On your downtime hire a scooter and check out the beaches and headlands along the Southern coast, where there are locations with incredible views of the sunset.

You can take a snorkeling tour to the Ekas coral garden in the middle of the bay.

The bay and the Southern beaches are meant to be good for kitesurfing. If you are interested you can enquire with Adi’s kitesurf.

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Warung rizki
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