Surfing Kuta Lombok

Kuta Lombok is a convenient hub for surfers wanting to ride the island's Southern surf spots.

Updated: Oct 10 2022

From a quiet fishing village Kuta in Southern Lombok has become a popular surf town with traveling surfers choosing it as a base for their surf trips. While Kuta beach itself has only average surf potential, nearby Mawi and Tanjung Aan are 2 of the best breaks in Lombok. Kuta is also within striking distance to Lombok’s most popular surfing areas like the beginner friendly Selong Belonak and Gerupuk Bay. Surfers can hire transport in Kuta, either car or boat to reach these spots. The majority of Lombok’s surf camps and surf shops are in town, so it's easy to arrange for day trips or lessons. Kuta also has a wide variety of cafes, restaurants suited to tourists tastes and good accommodation options. Possibly the only place that has a nightlife around these parts.

Kuta Surf Spots

Kuta Bay

Kuta bay itself get much good waves. In the middle of the bay you may find some straight handers suitable for beginners. The bay is more useful as a launch point for boats heading to the other breaks in the area.

Seger Reef

Pantai Seger is located on the Eastern side of Kuta Bay and has a reef break of medium quality which goes both right and left. The right is the steeper and better option while the left is smaller and more mushy. Best surfed in the wet season when the winds are offshore and on a mid to high tide to avoid contact with the shallow reef. Easily accessible by paddling out from the beach so the place gets crowded with locals and tourists. 

Tanjung A’an

The next bay East of Lombok is called Tanjung A’an. Towards the middle of the bay in front of the rocky outcrop is an A-frame reef break. Best direction depends on the wind. Can be a good wave for longboarders and beginners when its small and the wave rolls in for a long distance. When the swell is bigger the wave will start to barrel. Access is by a long paddle out or you can hire a boat to the line up.

Are Goling

The next bay from Kuta when heading West is Are Goling which is home to a set of reef breaks - a right hander on the Western side and a left hander on the Eastern side. Access by paddling out from the beach or boat from Kuta.

reef break
reef break
reef break

Kuta Lombok Surf Lessons / Schools

Kuta is where most surf camps and schools are based. The good ones will be able to arrange transport to other locations based on your skill level and the surf conditions on the day.

CoCo Surf Lombok
surf school,surf guide
Kura Kura Surf Camp
surf camp,surf lesson
Green Room Surf
surf shop,surf hire,surf school

Kuta Lombok Surf Hire

Most surf schools in Kuta will include board rental as part of the lesson. You can also enquire about hiring a board for longer periods.

surf shop,surf hire
Green Room Surf
surf shop,surf hire,surf school

Kuta Lombok Surf Shops

If you are after a surfboard, surf accessories or need to your board repaired, Kuta has the most surf shops in Lombok.

Flow Surf Store
surf shop
Rip Curl - Kuta Lombok
surf shop
surf shop,surf hire

Things to do in Kuta Lombok

The village of Kuta has really change in the last couple of years. As the tourists arrived so have modern restaurants and cafes catering to their international tastes. 

You can grab great presurf coffees from Milk Espresso or the Breakery with their freshly made French pastries.

For a Western fix of burgers and pizza head to the hip and happening KRNK. Choice hangout spot with good music and cocktails.

Umibozu is a little ramen joint that looks like it was plucked from a Shinjuku alleyway. They serve a few types of ramen, gyoza and donburi type dishes and a selection of sushi. 

Surfers Bar is the original hangout and nightlife center of Kuta. They have regular live music events and DJs. Happy hour specials and cheap cocktails keep the party people happy.

Loka Gym offers surf specific training programs if you want to level up your surfing. Attached cafe also dishes out some pure healthy food.

The Breakery
Surfers Bar Kuta Lombok
Umibozu Ramen Bar
Loka Gym
KRNK Bar & Restaurant
Milk Espresso - Kuta Lombok

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