Surfing Medewi

Medewi is a small laid back fishing village in the Jembrana region with Bali’s longest left hand point break.

Updated: Oct 10 2022

Medewi Surf Spots

Medewi is about a 3 hour drive from Kuta and one of the furthest trekked surf destinations in Bali. The fishing village is famous for Medewi point - the long left hand point break which follows the sudden Northward bend of the coast for around 500 meters if you are lucky. Depending on the conditions Medewi point can be OK for shortboards but the wave is definitely more suited to boards with more volume and length. Even though the wave is often mellow, Medewi point is more suited to surfers who can already trim across waves and are comfortable turning their board. Medewi can get crowded and surfers position themselves along the long wave waiting to pounce on (un)ridden waves. A unique feature of the beach are the black boulders which extend out to the point. Though the rocks are smooth, stuck in between them are bulu babi - sea urchin and oyster shells which can make getting in and out challenging. Reef boots can be super helpful here. 

If you are sick of going left, on the other side of the point and across the river is a river mouth break called Rightender in Pulukan beach which breaks fast over rocks. Further West along the beach to Yeh Sumbul there are sand bottomed beach break waves which can be pretty good. The area around Medewi is less trekked and a chat with one of the locals may open up possibilities.



rivermouth break
beach break
point break

Super slow waves at Medewi

Komang Dedy Subarjana

Medewi waves can't get any better!!

Beckie Liu

Pumping and glassy Medewi

Surfing Medewi

Medewi Surf Lessons / Schools

There are a few surf camps around the area where you can stay and have instructors teach you how to surf at the local breaks. Another option is to hire a surf guide. Just ask around at the local surf shops. If you are not staying in Medewi, book yourself a surf tour from Canggu or Kuta and your guide will drive you up, surf with you and drive you back to your accommodation.

Bj Medewi Surf Camp
surf camp
Surfing West Bali
surf camp,surf lesson
Brown Sugar Surf Camp Bali
surf camp

Medewi Surf Hire / Rental

You can hire boards from one of the shops at the entrance of Medewi.

Medewi Surf Shop

There are small surf shops on Jalan Pantai Medewi - the road as you approach Medewi Beach.

Things to do in Medewi

Medewi is not the place to be if you came to Bali for beach clubs, sundowner parties and cocktails. Its a predominantly Musliim village so travelers need to be aware of and abide by local sensibilities. Any partying will be in your surf camp or villa. But for those that want to experience the local culture there are great opportunities. Check out the local fishermen’s catch straight from their jukungs in the morning. Head to town and walk through the traditional early morning wet market or pasar malam night market in Pekutatan where there is a variety of local street food to try.

Right on Medewi beach with great views of the point, Warung Gede has been serving food and Bntangs to surfers for years. The menu is your typical Western / Indonesian fare but you can purchase lobsters and fish from the local fishermen and Warung Gede will grill it for you.

For your morning fix of caffeine,, the best place is at Bombora Medewi Wave Lodge also on the beach. They also do happy hour for sunset sessions.

Warung Gede
Bombora Medewi Wave Lodge

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