Best Beginner Surf Spots in Bali

Best Beginner Surf Spots in Bali

Updated: Oct 10 2022

The tropical archipelago of Bali is famous for long peeling point breaks and perfect reef breaks. While spots like Padang Padang, Keramas and Uluwatu are world class reef breaks suitable for advanced surfers and professionals, how about beginner surfers?

Is Bali good for beginner surfers?

With warm water temperatures, all day off shore winds and vibrant surf scene, Bali is also one of the best places for learning surfing. You just have to know how to work your way around swell size and travel to protected locations where the waves are suited to beginners. 

Remember, everything depends on the swell size, tides and factors such as rip currents. Always check the conditions before heading out into the ocean. Even Uluwatu can be ok when its small and Kuta beach will absolutely body slam you like a Yokozuna Sumo wrestler in bigger waves.

Heres our pick of the best surf spots in Bali where beginners can score a mellow wave.

Kuta Beach

More people have probably taken their first steps on a surfboard in the waves of Kuta Beach than anywhere else in the world. When the swell is small and it’s mid tide and above you can get some nice really nice long waves here. Lots of beachside warungs offering surf lessons and surfboard hire of varying quality. Reputable schools in the area include Quicksilver Bali Surf Academy & Odyssey Surf School.

Surf Schools: Quicksilver Bali Surf Academy & Odyssey Surf School

Surf Hire: Check out the stalls on the beach front.

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Bali kuta beach lineup surfing

SuJi Lee

Surfing Kuta Beach BALI

Skysharks Bali

Batu Bolong

The wave at Batu Bolong in Canggu breaks far out and rolls gently in making it a great spot for longboarders. Beginners can also practise their pop ups by catching the broken wave on the inside. Batu Bolong is also one heck of a longboarding wave perfect for ultra stylish surfers on their single fins.

Surf Schools: Dian Surf School on the beachfront.

Surf Hire: Sandbar surf rental at the carpark entrance.

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Surfing Batu Bolong | Wave Explorers

Wave Explorers

Beginners Day - Batu Bolong



Kedungu beach is a little bit farther away and less developed, but also less crowded. The waves break over a submerged rock platform with the main left and right break being quite mellow. The broken waves on the inside offer learners a place to practise.

Surf Schools: Kedungu Surf School

Surf Hire: Kedungu Surf Shack

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Surf trip Bali - Kedungu

Denis S

Surfing Kedungu

Goshred Bali

Baby Padang Padang

Not to be confused with Padang Padang the thundering barreling widow maker on the outside, Baby Padang Padang is an ultra mellow left and right hander right in front of the beach. You can ride the right into the channel and slow paddle back to the line up.

Padang Padang next door is called the Balinese pipeline and is the spot for Bali's biggest surf comp. Do not attempt right now.

Surf Schools: Padang Padang Surf Camp

Surf Hire: Stalls at the beach have surfboards for hire

Party Waves Padang Padang


Toro Toro

Toro toro is the place surfers check when every where else is maxed out. Its located about 1 km off Jimbaran Bay and picks up the least swell of all Kuta's reef breaks. The left and right breaking wave is a good place for beginner plus to intermediates who are starting to go sideways on a wave. Learners practising their pop-ups can do so on the inside. Access is by boat taxi from Pantai Kedonganan in Jimbaran or Pantai Jerman in Tuban.

Surf Schools: Rezha Surf School

Surf Hire: Hire a surfboard from one of the stalls on the Jimbaran beachfront.


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Bali Surfing - ToroToro


Surfing Toro Toro

Skysharks Bali

Baby Reef

One of the spots suitable for beginners during the wet season, Baby Reef in Sanur is a known for mellow waves even when everywhere else is too big to try. The wave usually breaks in a line so learners can ride the whitewater going straight. While those learning to trim can do so at the edges. Boat access from Pantai Mertasari is needed to get to the wave which is a fair paddle out. Popular surf school destination. Don't be surprised to see a horde of surf schoolers when you get there.

Surf Schools: Ripcurl School of Surf Sanur & East Bail Sail & Surf

Surf Hire: Provided by the surf schools

Surfing at Baby Reef

Fika dirga

Surfing Baby Reef

SkySharks Bali


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