Surfing Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is a swell magnet and big wave destination which turns on during Bali’s Wet Season.

Updated: Oct 10 2022

On the East coast of Bali’s Bukit is Nusa Dua - home to Bali’s best Wet Season waves. The name means 2 Islands and refers to Nusa Gede and Nusa Dharma, the 2 prominent headlands. An outer reef surrounds most of the area providing a natural barrier to the swells. Bali’s biggest and upmarket hotels are located long this stretch. Inside the reef, water sports companies take advantage of the calm water offering tourists jet-ski and banana boat rides. While outside, along this reef is where your will find Nusa Dua’s famous breaks. Known by locals as Bali’s most consistent spot because its South East aspect picks up all the swell. The reef receives the full force of the swell without any refraction resulting in powerful waves and equally powerful hold downs. The North heading current can also be very strong, pushing you deeper along the reef into shallower sections. Surfers should be confident in their abilities before surfing here. If you are up to the challenge, the rewards are steep faces and machine like long rides. 

When to Surf Nusa Dua

Wet Season: Nov-Mar

Bali’s East coast breaks are best surfed during the Wet Season when winds blow offshore. The dry season trade winds absolutely brutalise the waves here. Although there are opportunities to surf early morning before the trade winds pick up.

Ideal Conditions

Mid to high tide is preferable for most breaks as a low tide can be a sketchy experience with the shallow reef.

Nusa Dua Surf Spots

North of the seawall adjacent to the Hilton there used to be a world class right hander wave called Nikko. The seawall has somewhat destroyed some of its quality but there are still good waves with opportunities for barrels.
Paddling out from Pantai Geger are a series of breaks collectively known as Geger. Since the reef faces South East, this place picks up all the swell. There will be a wave here even when it’s flat elsewhere. Furthest South at the start of the reef is a left hander called Geger Left which breaks into the channel. Good on smallish days. On big days, the strong current pushes you North along the reef giving your arms a good workout. Further North and furthest out is Geger’s main peak which breaks along a very shallow platform producing extremely long rides. It can hold any amount of swell and is one of Bali's big wave spots. Surfers have the place to themselves on the largest of days. Between the left and main peak there can are a couple of peaks which are for intermediates plus as they break fast over the reef. You can hire a boat from Geger to take you out to the breaks here. Sharks have been sighted in the area so its best to stay sharp.
Breaking of the Southern side of Nusa Gede over a sand covered reef is Blackstone. Its a good intermediate spot as the wave wedges up against the rock creating a nice peak to take off from before running left. On the Northern side is Mushroom rock which has a righthander breaking over reef. It’s sheltered from big South swells and can be good for beginners on smaller days.

reef break
reef break
reef break
reef break

Nusa Dua Surf Schools

Your best bet is to enquire at the surf shacks at Blackstone beach for lessons. Alternatively, most surf schools and guides from around Bali will make the trek to the East coast during the Wet Season for the good conditions. You can arrange for lessons or guided tours with them.

Bali Surf Tours
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Nusa Dua Surf Hire

There are a couple of surf shacks at Blackstone beach which have softboards and longboards for hire.

Black Stone surf hire
surf hire

Nusa Dua Surf Shops

None. The closest surf shops are in Kuta and on the road to Uluwatu.

Things to do in Nusa Dua

On the way to Nusa Dua, check out Secret cafe where you can fill up before surfing with good coffee and healthy breakfast options.

The beach front in Nusa Dua is dominated by 5 star hotels and their associated restaurants. If you prefer somewhere more casual and less expensive, there are a couple of small local warungs around. 

Up on the headland overlooking Geger beach is a little place for food and drinks called Waroeng Geger where surfers can hangout.

Nusa Dua is famous for water sports and you can hire jet skis and book paragliding and water sports rides at any of the jetties along the beach. The touts will find you. Bargain hard.


Waroeng Geger Coffee Shop
Secret Cafe

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Niko beach surfing


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