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Surfing Pererenan

Pererenan is home to a series of river mouth and beach breaks where you may just be able to escape the crowds.
Updated: Oct 10 2022

Pererenan is the next neighborhood North from Canggu separated by the river where the famed Rivermouth wave is located. Pererenan receives the same swell as Canggu but is much less crowded, with the level of competition for waves being less intense the further North you travel from Echo Beach. If you are on a Bali surf trip, Pererenan has cheaper accommodation and a chance to stay in a village which still has it’s original Balinese charm.

Pererenan Surf Spots

The Pererenan Rivermouth is the most well known and consistent wave here, breaking over a shallow lave reef and rock bottom. Rivermouth right is a long walling ride with a good change of scoring barrels. Rivermouth Left may not be as fast or rippable but is still great fun when conditions line up. Its a popular spot with locals and tourists. Further North there is a wave breaking in front of the rock platform where the giant Gajah minah statue stands. The beach at the next river mouth is called Pantai Lima and there can be nice beach breaks along this stretch. The next break is called Seseh after the fishing village there. Its a long left hander breaking in front of the rock outcrop quite a distance out. There is a channel you can paddle out from where the fishing boats launch. When the breaks around here aren’t really working you can hire one of the fishing boats to take you to reefs in Kuta or the Bukit peninsula.

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Pererenan Beach Surfing

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Pererenan Surf Schools / Lessons

The beaches in Pererenan are steep and rocky, not ideal conditions for learners unless the swell is small. Its great if you are an intermediate surfer and looking for some coaching in which case you can get a local surf guide and instructor.

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Pererenan Surf Hire / Rentals

Not many options for on-beach surfboard rentals in Pererenan. Your best chance is to rent a surfboard for a couple of days from one of the rental places in Canggu.

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Pererenan Surf Shops

The closest surf shops are in Canggu where there are many choices.

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Chilli Surfboards Canggu
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Things to do in Pererenan

Beach side at Pererenan is relatively quieter compared to the always happening Echo Beach. The beach remains a gathering hub for locals rather than tourists.

You can get a drink at the Black Sand Bar on the Pantai Munggu beach front. The atmosphere really gets going on weekends when local rock bands perform here.

For a more relaxed location to enjoy the sunset head to the Seseh Sunset bar which is run by the local village community.

For great coffee and breakfasts, check out the Seseh General corner store in the village which starts operating at sunrise. They serve meals and drinks at other times and is a popular hang out for tourists.

Warung Alus with its large garden area is a nice place for meals with a menu offering bbq seafood, steaks, burgers and local dishes.

O’Brothers is a nice restaurant in Seseh village which has a similar menu to many Balinese warungs.

For something fancier, the Bureka bistro has amazing European dishes, cocktails and wine and great service.

Warung Alus
Seseh General Store
BuReka Bistro
O'brothers Cafe
Black Sand Bar
Seseh Pizza

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