Surf travel guide to the best waves on the planet.

You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave,
find your eternity in each moment. - David Thoreau


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  • Jez , you really know your Heysen Trail. The peploe I have spoken to who have walked the Trail have all needed a bit of prompting about the location of the shot. It’s usually the stairs that pinpoint it for them.My comments mainly concerned the times I have passed this spot again. It has never been quite so beautiful to me as it was on this day,

    Leono on Surf Heaven 4-11
  • I had two recommendations for your blog today! So glad I came for a look. I just love this idea!! So cute. So pstioive. So touching. Such a little bundle of happiness. I look forward to hearing where your caravan ends up. Happy days

    Tuvshinbaatar on Wave Sense Surfing Academy
  • On one of the pages you state the the Majestic Theatre was on the corner of Flinders Streetand Russell Street This is Incorrect That loitacon Was the State TheatreI worked in the Majestic Theatre Building in the basement with a Company Called NationalTheatre Supplies We supplied Picture theatres everywhere The Majestic theatre was rightnext door to Ball And Welch on the other side was a milk bar a Club and other shops and a lane And then The State Theatre Hope this info helps Your J Milne

    Parrafrazeo on Honeysuckle Point
  • Loved her Shapeshifter seires and had no doubt her MacKenzies books would be just as great! Can’t wait to get the new book for both seires! Her style is so unique I think I’m going to like anything she writes.

    Luiz on Hotel Bondi
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  • Thanks Earl, I can safely keep my dngtiiy and avoid Bali. I’d begun to think I needed to get myself some sort of brilliant disguise because I’d feel so much guilt whenever a local looked at me I’d just started gluing branches to my head when your post came in- I was going to visit disguised as an Australian Greygum. I’ll visit Sumatra instead, without the disguise- wood lice are so hard to get out of your clothes. Cheers- Max

    Steven on Dreamland
  • I adored the Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie! Such an aznmiag book and I can’t wait to read the Cameron’s story! I Have the 2nd book in my TBR pile. It is calling my name! LOL! Thanks for sharing with us! evjochum[AT]aol[DOT]com

    Zen on China Beach

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